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Quick Response for Fire & Smoke Restoration

Water can leave behind massive damage. It wreaks havoc in so many different ways. When water strikes, you have to consider cleaning, mold, and restoration.

This type of experience is utterly devastating. It’s most homeowners’ worst nightmare. When a fire happens, you have enough to worry about without thinking about how to handle the damage it leaves behind. 
The smallest fires can cause extensive damage. There is cleanup, restoration, and then repairs as well. When you are dealing with fire and smoke restoration, Trujillo’s Cleaning Company can help! Let us take this burden from you in an already-stressful time. 
Not only can we help clean up the mess, but we can help to restore the space and get rid of the smoke odors that are left behind. Your home deserves to be restored.

We Can Help!

Just as there are things you can and should do, there are also several things that you should avoid after a fire has occurred. These are things to be aware of, most of which are designed to help keep you safe.

Do not use your vehicle until it is deemed safe to do so.
Don’t worry so much about cleaning. This comes later, and we can help!
Wait until the residence is deemed safe by authorities before you enter it.
Do not use any utilities until it is safe.

These little things go a long way, and following the rules will help get things back to normal faster. It will ensure nothing is worsened and you don’t get injured. Just wait until it is safe, and then we can take action together.

You might think that you can just fix things yourself after a fire. Here’s the thing: this project is much bigger than a DIY project. The only time that might be the solution is when the fire is extremely minimal and there isn’t much damage to work through.

Otherwise, give us a call and let’s get the fire and smoke restoration process done correctly.

You’re not really dealing with just burnt and charred items. The damage left behind comes from the fire and the smoke, and sometimes you can’t really see the full extent of the damage.

Have you stopped to consider what was used to put out the fire? Were there chemicals that burned in the fire? All of those materials, like foam or plastic or even wood and fabrics, can put off chemicals that are hazardous to breathe and handle.

This is why a professional company should be used. It’s not just about the quality of cleaning, but about handling all of the aspects safely. Plus, our teams can handle the duties from start to finish. We can clean up, we can restore, and we can eliminate odors. Why make yourself worry about all of that?

When you do enter the property and handle any of the items, always be sure to use safety attire. This includes things like safety goggles, gloves, and possibly breathing equipment as well.

Avoid DIY and bring in a professional fire and smoke restoration team.

Regardless of the extent of your damage or how it was caused, we are here to help. Our company has been operating for several years, and customer service is our #1 priority. We are here to help you through the hard times, and we do it alongside you.

Fire and smoke restoration is no easy task, but our skilled technicians can handle it with ease. We will help you through the insurance claims process and then get the mess cleaned up and get everything restored so you can return to life in your home.

When we finish, repairs will be made, everything will be cleaned, and smoke odors will be gone. We’re here to help!

Give us a call at 719-565-8743.
How can we help you through this time? We offer 24/7 service for just this type of issue.

Steps to Take Following a Fire

We get it. You’re most likely in a panic trying to figure out what to do next. This is common. Where do you even start? The good news is that you can let us handle the hard stuff. We will take care of the cleaning and the fire and smoke restoration. You take care of the little things.

When a fire has occurred, here’s what you can do: 

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Always by your side, Trujillo’s Cleaning Company is a trustworthy name you can depend on for availing services of fire and smoke restoration without thinking twice. Take note that we welcome commercial and residential insurance claims in cases of fire and smoke restorations. There to help you with getting everything cleaned and assisting with the deductibles, professionals at Trujillo will clean everything, be it walls, ceilings, carpet, furniture, or fixtures, etc.


Cigarette & Marijuana Odor Removal

For homeowners, having the smell of someone smoking in your home can leave an odor that needs to be removed. At Trujillo’s Cleaning Company, we can help with that! We have the equipment and experience in removing those odors from your home such as cigarette, cigars, and marijuana odors. Call us today and schedule an appointment with the experts in odor removal!