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Hoarding is by definition often related to a mental disorder. Most people who hoard have some sort of underlying condition that makes it challenging for them to part with things. What others might see as trash or junk becomes a part of who that person is.

Unfortunately, hoarding can be incredibly dangerous. It’s a health hazard as well as a safety hazard.

When it comes to cleaning up hoarding, it’s very important to consider using a professional. This goes back to the element of safety. It’s about physical safety as well as health safety, and it should be taken very seriously.

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What Is Hording?

Hoarding is a disorder. The disorder is described as difficulty with disposing of or parting with possessions. This difficulty is typically related to some sort of mental feeling that makes the individual perceive those items as absolutely necessary to keep.

As mentioned earlier, hoarding could be possessions, but it might also be something like trash. Each hoarder is different and there are various things that might trigger the need to hoard.

Here are some of the most common items.
Keep in mind that this is not an all-inclusive list.

Hoarding is not typically just clutter. The person hoarding the items often has a system that “organizes” the items. However, it’s rarely truly organized, like someone’s personal collection might be. This is what leads to potential safety issues.

Stages of Hoarding

Hoarding often has stages. As a result, the problem is not recognized or handled until it becomes out of control. However, it’s important to recognize that hoarding doesn’t just happen overnight. There are signs that often lead up to a hoarding mess. 
Here is a quick overview of the different stages. 

Clutter starts to pile up here and there. At this point, the home starts to get messy, but is typically still safe and probably relatively clean.

 The clutter and hoarded possessions start to get out of hand. There might be limited pathways in the home, or perhaps certain rooms are starting to be overrun. Entries and exits become blocked and cleanliness starts to fail.

 The home starts to become very limited. The clutter is taking over the home, denying access to many parts of the home and making rooms unusable or even inaccessible. Odors are likely presenting themselves from food and trash. Signs might be noticeable from outside now.

The clutter begins to lead to infestations. This could include things like lice or fleas and other types of pests. If there are pets in the home, there is likely damage from those pets. Conditions are very unsafe to be in or reside in.

By this time, the home has been completely taken over by hoarding. There are pests of all sizes, including rodents, and very little in the home is safely usable. There may be no functioning bathroom or utilities by this point and the home is not safe to navigate. It might even be inaccessible to most.

The best time to tackle a hoarding problem is when it starts to present. If you’re able to intervene by stage 2, that is ideal. Of course, an intervention is much easier said than done.

We can help with hoarding cleanup.

Hoarding vs. Clutter

Hording Cleanup

Hoarding and clutter are not the same. However, you could potentially describe hoarding as an extreme version of clutter. Most of our homes have clutter. It just happens. We have things like old clothes that we rarely clean out or perhaps a stack of magazines or blankets that we never touch.

Those can all be a little bit of clutter. Hoarding accumulates things in this manner but it takes it to the extreme. Eventually, the hoarded items become a breeding ground for bacteria, pests, and more.

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Why Use a Professional for Hoarding Cleanup?

When hoarding has been an issue, you should not approach it as a DIY problem. Hiring a professional company with expertise in hoarding cleanup is important. It’s for safety purposes more than anything.

If you’re still not quite convinced, take a look at these reasons that professional hoarding cleanup is best.

This situation is a biohazard. There is the possibility of human and pet waste in the midst of the hoarding materials. You have no idea what is in there, which means anyone going in should be suited up for biohazard safety.

This is not going to be an easy task. There is a lot and it all probably needs to be trashed. There are likely very few things that can be saved or salvaged. This is going to take a strategy and extensive time and work. The professionals know how to tackle it and have teams to do so.

Hoarding cleanup could be a physical safety issue. The piles and mounds that have to be cleaned up are not always stable or secure. Things can fall, smash, collapse, and more. These could potentially cause physical injury.

Confronting a hoarder and forcing cleanup is never easy. Their minds typically don’t grasp the danger. The cleanup is often painful for them. If you are in the midst of it, this could cause major relationship strains. Let a professional step in.

Why Choose Trujillo’s Cleaning Company

We’re here to help when you need hoarding cleanup services. Our teams have been handling this type of cleanup for several years. We have the expertise and the equipment to safely and effectively help with the cleanup process.

Our primary concern is your safety and getting the mess taken care of as efficiently as possible. We’re here to help without removing the dignity of the individual. Give us a call to discuss your hoarding cleanup needs.