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If you want to refresh your home, you don’t have to spend a ton of money on restoration or remodeling. There are much simpler ways to make your home look and smell great. These small things can make a huge difference and can make you feel like you have remodeled your home!

Cleaning your floors and your upholstery can magically awaken a room. That flooring that looked dingy or stained looks clean and vibrant all of a sudden. Cleaning your upholstery can have a similar effect. That couch that looked faded or old suddenly looks brand-new again. Wouldn’t that be great?

Trujillo’s Cleaning Company can help you make that happen with our flooring and upholstery cleaning services.

Trujillo Upholstery Cleaning

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If the examples above weren’t enough to convince you, maybe this will be. Your flooring and your upholstery carry tons of hidden germs inside them. These are likely the most utilized areas in the entire house.

You constantly walk across the floor, dragging in all sorts of things on your feet. And if you have pets or children, they are also contributing. Then there’s your upholstery. The majority of upholstery is on your furniture. Again, it’s loaded with hidden dirt and debris. Dust mites find their way down into the depths, and who knows what you release in the air when you plop down on the sofa?

The fact of the matter is that both surfaces have a lot of dirt you might not even realize is there until you clean them. Daily life can take a toll on them, and when you feel like they are just worn down, it’s quite possible that a good cleaning will work wonders for them. Don’t rush out and buy new carpet just yet!

There are several different types of floor cleaning. We don’t all have the same type of flooring and you might even have different flooring throughout your home. These are the main floor surfaces:

  • Carpet
  • Wood
  • Laminate
  • Tile

Every type of flooring needs a different approach to getting it clean.

Cleaning doesn’t just take off that topcoat of dirt, either. When you use Trujillo’s Cleaning Company, we provide you a deep clean that pulls out months’ or even years’ worth of abuse. We handle the deep dirt and stains that might be lurking under the surface.

If your flooring has areas that need to be repaired, we can help with that as well. Things like etching, scratches, chipping, scuffs, and more can often be repaired or concealed.

A professional cleaning will make a substantial difference. Many people see their floors completely refreshed when they first thought the flooring was hopeless.

Our cleaning services also cover stain removal as well as pet odor and treatments. We truly want your flooring to look brand-new again.

Your upholstery is much like your flooring. It sees a lot of life and excels at concealing dirt beneath the surface. The thing is that all of that life does build up, leading to upholstery that doesn’t look amazing anymore.

But you don’t have to go buy a new couch. You would be surprised at how much a deep cleaning can make that couch look brand-new again. Upholstery cleaning works out stains and the deepest debris and dirt under the surface.

Our expert teams know how to work with a variety of materials to safely and efficiently clean your upholstery and make it look awesome again. When our team finishes, you will feel like your upholstery is fresh off the showroom floor.

Part of flooring & upholstery cleaning is taking care of the source of those stains. If you have pets, it’s quite common for them to cause stains or even odors.

We can remove those stains and odors from any of your flooring and upholstery surfaces. Our industrial equipment is designed to tackle even the toughest elements issues. When you get rid of stains and odors and get a deep clean, you find that the results are spectacular.

Our teams have the knowledge and the equipment to handle just about any pet stain or odor that you might be fighting. Not only will your surfaces be clean again, but they won’t have any odd smells or stains that are nearly impossible to get rid of with typical household cleaners.

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Upholstery Cleaning

Your furniture is an investment, a stain from children or pets or a wild party is a thing of the past after a visit from Trujillo’s Cleaning Company serving the Pueblo, Pueblo West, Cañon City, Westcliff, Trinidad, La Junta, Colorado Springs and surrounding areas for years. Our licensed, bonded and insured team of experts can restore that showroom look and feel to your furniture in just a few hours. Contact one of our friendly knowledgeable staff to schedule upholstery cleaning service today!

Pueblo and Colorado Springs Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

You live your life on your floors and sometimes the normal wear and tear and stains of life demand professional intervention. We can clean all your carpets wall to wall throughout your entire home in just a matter of hours. We never use harsh chemicals and can handle any stain from red wine to pets and children. Contact the carpet cleaning specialists at Trujillo’s Cleaning Company today to restore showroom vitality to your floors.

Pet Stain and Oder Removal

Pet Stain & Odor Removal

For pet owners, it’s hard to keep your house clean! From the urine stains, to the dirty paws, and the unwanted critters they bring in from outside. Pet stains and odor are hard to get removed, but when you contact the experts at Trujillo’s Cleaning Company, they can help take of that for you. They have the equipment and experience to remove most if not any pet stains and odors in your home. They even have a pet treatment to help protect your floors to last a bit longer. Call them today for any additional questions to schedule an appointment!