basement water removal

Is your basement always damp? Perhaps you even avoid it because it’s just dank and wet all the time. Did you know that isn’t normal? In all actuality, your basement isn’t supposed to just be wet or humid all the time. Essentially, water in the basement is a bad thing. 

You need to get basement water removal services to clean up and dry out the basement, and then you also need to take steps to help prevent future water in the basement! 

Why is the Basement Wet? 

There are many common issues that lead to water in the basement. Since the basement is below the surface level of the ground, it’s subjected to things like hydrostatic pressure, shrinking and movement of the soil around it, as well as the moisture that is in the ground. 

This leaves your basement susceptible to moisture, but it doesn’t mean you have to just let it be wet or get water in it every time it rains! 

These are the most common causes of water in the basement:

There are steps that you can take to help prevent water or excessive moisture from getting into the basement. You may need to work with a basement waterproofing company to help you find the best solution. If nothing else, take steps to get drainage systems in place and seal the basement on your own. 

Risks of Water in the Basement

When water is seeping into the basement, no matter the cause, you are going to start to see negative effects from the excess moisture. In some cases, that water can substantially damage personal belongings that you have in the basement. Anything in the basement could be damaged. 

In addition, the water will also start to harm your structure. If left unattended for a long time, your foundation could be at risk. Other associated risks of water in the basement include:

What to Do When You Find Water in the Basement

When you find water in the basement, or you notice it seems like there is extra moisture, take action. If you’re not seeing visible seepage or water spots, you may just need a moisture control system or dehumidifier to help control moisture levels. 

If water is coming in, take steps to correct the cause of the problem. And if you find water in the basement, bring in basement water removal professionals as quickly as possible to avoid water damage issues. 

Let Trujillo’s Cleaning Company Help with Basement Water Removal

No matter the cause of your moisture problem, we can help you with the cleanup and restoration process. Don’t let your home or your health suffer from water in the basement. Call Trujillo’s Cleaning Company to get the help you need!